May 27-28 | PC Ballrooms




Triton Gaming Expo is a vibrant, refreshing new look at the technology and
entertainment industry assembled into an epic two-day experience.


New technology, careers, opportunities in the gaming and tech industries.


With the leading minds of the tech world and share their experiences in our Q&A panels.


With other southern Californian gaming teams on stage in our tournaments


With the companies and developers on the cutting edge of the entertainment technology scene.

Triton Gaming Expo has no entry fee. If you're interested in attending the expo, you can expedite your registration process and secure a free loot bag by completing the pre-registartion form.

  • Skip the registration line.
  • Free loot bag for the first 300 pre-registered attendees each day

With over 20 different events, activities, and panels all happening on expo, you'll want to stay informed at all times. Head to the events page to learn more about our attendee events!

  • Register for the cosplay contest and tournaments.
  • Stay up-to-date with the panel and activity schedule.
  • Check out what booths we'll be hosting on each day.